Lirik Lagu Murat Boz – Gün Ağardı

Gün Ağardı – Murat Boz

The Sun Came Up
She Didn’t Come And Neither Did She Call Today
It Kept Burning With Blazing Fire
As If Someone Stabbed Me In The Heart

I Wouldn’t Know If You Were Mad
All Of A Sudden, You Went Away And Didn’t Call Me At All
You Forgot About Me Too Soon
Don’t You Think That I’d Be Okay With That

Come, Even If You’re Reluctant
Even If You Think Of Me As A Stranger
Would It Kill You If You Asked Me If We Had Met Before?
Fear Allah

Let My Heart Go; Let It Love You From Far Away
I Don’t Think Of It As Burdensome Just Because My Heart Is Burnt
How Is Your Heart So Cool About It?
Fear Allah